It Begins

Known fact: my risk aversion is low.  Like most sentient beings, my self-preservation instinct is high. As a result, I am a walking controversy and spend lots of time doing idiotic things (risk aversion) and then scrambling to avoid the catastrophic consequences (self-preservation).

EG: Quitting one’s relatively stable, local  job with steady income when savings are at an all-time low to take a contract job far-away.

No-brainer?  Allow me to expound: my soul was dying.

So, when a friend called on Wednesday evening while I was getting ready for soccer and told me that she needed me the next day for a casting project for the Oprah Winfrey Network in Detroit, I considered the following:

a. stay in job. Clearly, the responsible and correct decision.

-I have dogs.


They require food. One is on every banned breeds list in existence, making housing ridiculously difficult. There are also the student loans to consider. And other scary bills. And, presumably, scary bill-collectors behind all of these scary bills. The job is actually kind of great 98% of the time even though it doesn’t align to any of my many childhood dreams. There are no ponies involved and it’ll never send me to outer-space.

b. take this randomly awesome job for a week and then scramble.

-This will also not involve ponies. Probably. And there’s no call for Oprah in space that I’m aware of. But I have always wanted to do this. And, whatever happens, it will be different with an entirely new set of accompanying pros and cons.

Still a no-brainer, right? I thought so, too & quit the next day.

“What the hell” usually precedes the very best stories in life. My partner in crime for this OWN project has quite a bit of experience working on films and the idea was that we’d take this smaller project, dipping a toe in the water as it were, build a reputation and grow the business. Work could also bleed over to my sister who does videography and is launching off on her own, as well. Do a good job, network and pretty soon we’d be in business.

Stranger things have happened…

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2 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. Mom Sonke says:

    You went for it! And it was Great!!!! Life is good and needs to shaken up every once in a while. Good for you!

  2. Mom Sonke says:

    P.S. I love all of my Grand Dogs and will make none of them are without doggie chow and squeaky toys. Besides, I’m still rooting for my English cottage. And this route sounds faster than a job at Cisco.

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