A brand spanking new Target opened up across the street from my neighborhood the other day. As anticipated, this has had a profoundly positive influence upon the quality of my life.

Things purchased to-date:


$3? So that birds do not fall dead from the sky whenever I happen to be in range. (Positive)

Craptastic Bathroom Scale

$7. Because I enjoy starting the day off with a compliment, even if it’s a blatant lie.

(Positive/waste of money = a wash)


 $10. I feel very strongly that this purchase does not need to be justified. He’s about as adorable as a dumb dog can be without springing curls and launching into a soft-shoe routine.

(This photo makes me happy, as does knowing that I can torture him any time I like with the costume = positive)

Things to be purchased in the future:

…the brain boggles…(arguably a negative, but also inevitable)

Also: I hate my bangs and plan to devote Monday’s blog entirely to this theme.

Also also: there is a TJ Maxx across the street as well. This has proven to be even more dangerous than Target.

Also also also:


The most dangerous of all. Admittedly, they look a little rough. And, fortunately for internet stumblers, they haven’t invented a mass-marketable scratch-and-sniff for bloggers yet because if the dog didn’t kill the delicate olfactory glands dead in visiting noses, these chairs would have finished up the job. But these chairs will rise again! The apartment doth overflow with seating, but I haven’t started stacking yet. It isn’t hoarding until you have to stack stuff.


4 thoughts on “Tar-Shay

  1. Grammapat says:

    Glad you were able to get those chairs out of your SUV Jen. The beautiful wood floor tends to give a slighty upscale feel to the picture — a sense that not EVERYTHING will be going to the dogs!

  2. Jen says:

    Haha, nope! It’s been awhile since they’ve spiced up my life with fresh atrocities anyway & if they go after these chairs, it would probably only help 😉

  3. The homeless shelter called – they want their chairs back (management didn’t know they were being sold on Craigs)!

  4. Zeldon says:

    Mid-Century Modern Barkoloungers – saved from the dump. I foresee a staple gun party in your near future.

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