An Answer of Sorts

Several weekends ago, just for fun, I laid out all of my 63 socks. It’s been years since I’ve ever worn a matching pair & in sorting them out, discovered that I actually had 7 pairs that did match. So WHERE do the other socks go. They aren’t behind the dryer, they aren’t stuffed in sneakers or left behind in boots…they aren’t under the dressers…

This morning, Ludo gingerly positioned himself in the middle of living room and barfed. Up came an almost perfectly preserved sock.



3 thoughts on “An Answer of Sorts

  1. Zeldon says:

    Does he prefer the taste of socks or couch best? I would have figured couch since he ate so much of it. But maybe he’s consumed the equivalent amount of socks. And no doubt prefers the unwashed versus clean variety. Just when you think Ludo actually has some smarts he upchucks a sock and blows his image.

  2. Grammapat says:

    Was the upchucked one a match to any of the remaining 49 odd ones, or do you now have 50 odds and 7 pairs? You might want to check the dog park in case a sock or two came out of Lugo’s other end when no-one was looking. Just a thought!

  3. Anonymous says:

    GAross. They just love the scent of Jen.

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