Forks. No Contest.

I once heard that entrance into poshity snob private schools in Japan has gotten so fierce that admissions recruiters have given up looking at identical stacks of straight A report cards altogether and are instead devising unorthodox ways of gauging a wannabe’s worthiness. One of those ways is to judge chopstick dexterity. Can the child transport small and slippery edibles with poise and grace from a dish to their mouth using nothing but chopsticks.

It is an art, I will give them that. I’m using one chopstick on this sushi: kabobbing each piece in the heart. If admissions counselors were looking for technique, they would have to keep looking. If they were looking for results and a proven ability to problem solve; I’d be their girl. All poise and panache – business as usual.

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4 thoughts on “Forks. No Contest.

  1. I once caught a fly with a pair of chopsticks…

  2. Grammapat says:

    Go Nigel! My Korean host showed me how to hold chopsicks properly. I was actually able to manage the hold, except I couldn’t geet it to pick up any food! Last resort: I prefer my self-learned (but successful) wrong way.

    And what’s with this time-consuming process of picking up noodles or whatever with chopsticks and then delicately transferring them onto a spoon before moving it towards the mouth? A compromise, maybe, between East and West?

    It isn’t polite to use fingers in traditional Korean society, but have you ever tried to eat fried chicken with chopsticks? It was a relief when I saw younger Koreans using their fingers for fried chicken. Fingers = Chopsticks. Yessss.

    • Jen says:

      Is it rude to apply your face directly to the food, bypassing fingers and chopsticks altogether? Otherwise, I think I’d starve 😉

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