Not a Fail

I had work today. Lots of work, and I did most of it. I forgot how fun it was to scramble and accomplish things and empty out a full inbox. Whee.

Downside – almost didn’t post today. That would have been a colossal fail. Not “colossal” in the cosmic sense, just in the Jen sense. I’ve been trying to squeaze something out every weekday in October because November is official write-a-full-novel month and I’d like to participate. But…can I participate. Do I have the mojo needed to write the thousands of words per day required to reach the end-goal?

Probably not. And it’s going to be a slog for me and anyone who dares read it. But c’est la vie. Doing it.

Let’s see if I can think of anything entertaining to share before clicking “publish”…I have a disgusting cold. I feel like a swamp creature, something that would send the most fearsome monster running for the hills with their hands protectively smothering their own mouths.

The guy from Payroll asked if he could place brownies on the ledge behind my desk. Mysteriously, he and I seem to be the only ones eating them…


3 thoughts on “Not a Fail

  1. Zeldon says:

    Anything special in the brownies? After all, it IS Halloween. Can’t believe you didn’t write up something about your FAVORITE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jen says:

      Words fail in re Halloween. It’s the bomb diggity. But ok, so here’s what my costume was:
      Put on a black pencil skirt and pin-striped dress-shirt, bought some costume reading glasses, threw my hair in a bun to look like a nerdy librarian, and made a “Borders Books and Music” nametag. Then I applied the zombie make-up.
      Pret-ty proud of myself.
      4 more minutes and I can leave to enjoy the holiday, woot!

  2. Grammapat says:

    OK. Back to the November Novel. You gotta start with the conviction that you CAN do it Jen — that the ideas WILL come. Even if they surprise you, follow where they go. Then hold strongly to your conviction of purpose every time doubt creeps in. And voila! A surprising new novel will be finished by 12/1.

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