Bad Ideas

There are things that you should do, and there are things that you shouldn’t do.

After scrambling for three months of unemployment, you should take a bulldozer to the financial mess that your life became and fix it. You should bunker down, eat nothing but potatoes, drive only when necessary, not buy new shoes and save like it’s going out of style. If you absolutely have got to spend some money, maaaaaybe you should buy a new couch. But for the most part, joy should be taken in looking at clouds and watching grass grow as opposed to spending money on any frivolous entertainment. You should be grateful as all get-out that you’re finally in a position to be a responsible, upstanding and contributing member of society.

One should definitely, definitely, without the faintest hint of the possibility of the remotest shadow of doubt NOT consider buying a house.

Like, say, hypothetically, this one.

I’ve never seriously considered owning a house. It’s always been one of those “some day” things.

But hot damn. I love this house. Just look at it. It’s one big naughty no-no. 10″ ceilings, heart of pine floors, french doors coming out of its’ ears, glass door-knobs, a fenced-in yard, two sheds for playthings or maybe tools if necessary and it just looks like the kind of house where good things happen to good people. I’m totally a good person.

When I first moved down here, I was strongly encouraged by multiple parties to not move to Durham. Durham being a place described as one where bad things happen to everyone. Now that I’m here, I regret not having the balls to follow my instinct. Durham has the best restaurants, the Golden Belt, lots of culture imported by Duke and the gritty, urban feel natural to places that have a population of mixed income and backgrounds living in uneasy proximity. This house is definitely in an area that could best be described as “up-and-coming”. There may or may not have been a drive-by shooting around the corner last week. The house is slightly out-dated, I think that the micro-wave is the very first generation and I’d probably grow a third arm instantly upon turning it on from all of the radiation. A third arm which would come in handy conducting all of the renovations it would take to make the place shine the way it deserves to.


More sighing

Durham doesn’t shine, and that’s why I love it. It glimmers with promise just as this house does.

Up until yesterday, I’d been slowed down by having about $30 in my bank account and zero savings. Unfortunately, just because there’s a recession on, that doesn’t mean you can’t be stupid! Several financing leads later, I’m going to arrange for an inspection and hope that there’s something majorly wrong with it. Maybe even two or three heinously prohibitive things.

Please, God.


8 thoughts on “Bad Ideas

  1. Zeldon says:

    I bought several homes when I had no savings, no job and no credit. Rehabbing and reselling them WAS my job for several years. If it’s a right idea, the way will naturally open up. You need to figure out if it’s a right idea or not.

  2. Grammapat says:

    Looks perfect for a bed & breakfast inn (or rent out rooms as I did for ten years on Capital Hill). Go for it Jen. Watch for curb throw-aways and you’ll have it furnished in no-time. Is there a place for the dogs?

  3. esterdeluna says:

    I’m from the Philippines, I don’t have any idea as to how real estate works here, well not yet, being a student and all that… What are you planning then with this house?

    • Jen says:

      Real estate is intimidating to me, no real clue how it works, but my plan is to go over there today with a flashlight & do a little mini-inspection! And then a proper one with a professional later & then…we’ll see 😉

      I like it. I like it a lot. (And welcome to the States, hope you’re enjoying it over here!)

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