Existential Struggles

Yesterday was kind of horrible. Nanook threw up all over the bathroom floor while I was drying my hair, my boss called about an urgent meeting while I was in the closet hating all of my clothes…I do a fairly good job of making myself feel rushed and flustered in the morning, I don’t need any help.

This morning was nice and relaxed. But I still got into the office just before 9 (instead of 8:30). When you arrive at the office at 9 instead of 8:30, you have to park miles and miles away from the building. This, in and of itself, is not a problem. I could dearly use the exercise, but what is a problem is that you can either walk around the edges of the lot to stay on the sidewalks, or you can walk directly towards the front door as the crow flies and navigate over several grassy medians.

This isn’t really a choice, who’s going to walk all the way around the edge. No one. Not me, at least. So I schleped through the medians. As a direct result of this laziness, the bottom cap on my right heel got scraped off somewhere and I now sound like Ahab clomping around. CLACK thump CLACK thump. It’s highly annoying. I’m annoyed by myself and there’s no escape.


3 thoughts on “Existential Struggles

  1. Zeldon says:

    BTW: Yeah for Nookers throwing up on the bathroom floor instead of carpet. Progress!

    • Jen says:

      Ha, true! When I saw what was about to go down, I did have to hold him on the laminate by his shoulders because he was dying to yak all over the carpet. Why is that. Why is it necessary to barf on the surface that is hardest to clean.

  2. Zeldon says:

    Gabriel always preferred the expensive Oriental rug under the dining table. Nearby was regular carpet, wood floor or expanse of white tile. But no, the Oriental carpet was evidently best.

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