Head ISO Pile of Sand

This week has been totally out of control. How can tomorrow only be Thursday, how can this be. I’m so completely bummed out by every single detail about this week from start to present moment that I want to just…slap it. I want to slap some sense into this week. WEEK! Stop being so HORRIBLE! Can we just get along for two more little bitty days? Puh-p-p-p-please?

Some good stuff…please wait for a second while I dig deep…There is one little glimmer of brightness in the gloom that has been my life since 7:22am on Monday morning: there’s a new comforter for the bed. The new TJ Maxx across the street carries more than just fashionable foot-wear and the occasional apparel “find”, my friends. They also had a selection of exactly one King sized down (alternative, but it’ll be character building) comforter for a steal. This means that sleep tonight won’t be miserable. There might actually be coziness and enjoyment.

Why is there a new comforter for the bed? Because the delicate flower vomited all over my old down-alternative washable comforter. The one I’d bought to replace the real down comforter that he pee’d on earlier this Fall. Hell hath no wrath like a Husky.

The pee comforter went straight to the dump. That was a no-pass-go scenario. The vomit? Meh. Having just bought the blanket THREE WEEKS AGO, I figured I’d try to salvage it and ran it under scalding water after shoving Nanook out into the living area where he could barf to his heart’s content on the laminates. He didn’t, but the option was there. This dog needs a nose-bag or something, it isn’t natural to expel the contents of your belly and bowels upon being confronted with mild stimuli.

After several days of transferring the puke comforter from the dryer back to the washer, add soap, repeat, it became apparent that it was always going to be the “puke comforter”. You can erase the stains, but you can never erase what happened. The smell lingered with admirable determination, too. I’m tired of talking about puke and pee all of the time. But you can’t blog about work. Sadness.

The only common denominator for all of the mayhem so far has been me. Clearly I’m the problem and wish I could send myself to my room for the rest of the week but this is the sort of thing that’s frowned upon in corporate america. I’d occupy my room. That would be my protest. A solitary 99%’er. Waiting for the week to blow over. Cozy, under imitation down.


5 thoughts on “Head ISO Pile of Sand

  1. Grammapat says:

    Jen, there’s a wonderful Scripture that goes, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Being still, when facing any situation designed to stress us out and just taking a few moments to remember that God is in control. REALLY in control. Then listening, to see how He wants you to apply that idea to whatever needs to be done. In my CS practice, I’ve found that pets typically mirror their masters/mistresses. Master hyped, pet hyped. Master stressed, pet stressed. Master impatient/pet impatient.

    Why not take a look, and see if you can’t bring a little more divine stillness/calm into your life? It could save you time and effort laundering pet-soiled bedding and barfups here and there. Mary B Eddy puts it succinctly, “Rushing around smartly is no proof of accomplishing much.” Not only that, but it often multiplies our sorrows.

    Much love from Grammapat

  2. Kristin says:

    Gosh, new comforters are the best. I had birthday money to burn and got one from IKEA. Pure duck feather bliss. Nothing like it.

    • Jen says:

      Those comforters from IKEA are the beeeest. The first comforter was one of those. Fluffy with just the right weight and softness. Yes. Birthday money, very well spent.

      And – I love your blog.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dogs and down do not mix. Me likey cozy almost/down. Sorry for the sucky in your life lately… here’s hoping the glimmer gets brighter.

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