Ms Bright Smiles Moons

So it turns out that I have a nick-name at the office. An ironic nickname, given my murderous mood this entire past week:

Ms Bright Smiles.

I find this both charming and annoying. It’s nice to think that you exude a warm, personable aura. It’s also maddening when people don’t take your bad moods seriously.

Ha, Ms Bright Smiles is losing her mind trying to find two reports that don’t exist! (true story – all day yesterday. Turns out that what I was supposed to be finding was one table. With four rows. Embedded in an email.) How sweet!

O, look! Ms Bright Smiles is tearing the printer apart again! (jammed on EVERY SINGLE JOB TODAY and the paper drawer is super hard to put back in). Cuuuute!

Ms Bright Smiles didn’t get a lunch today and instead pigged out on smarties and bottle-caps, the only stuff left in the Halloween bowl. Which is surprising because they’re tasty and an excellent conduit of sugar. That’s a twofer.

Hm, there was a lot more to write about. The walk this evening where my yoga pants started to slide down my legs as I walked along a road crammed with 5 o’clock traffic with two crazed dogs trying to chase a deer down into a stagnant lake… Telling this story to the Nerd who, instead of laughing in all the right spots, raised his eyebrows to indicate that I was over-sharing… leaving the coffee pot on all day and not burning the house down… not being able to find the portable steam cleaner…hoping I didn’t leave it in Chicago last summer (last place I remember having it)…broke a nail perfectly straight across and feel like leaving it that way except that the edges are really sharp…

But it’s difficult to weave all of that into a coherent story. So nevermind. Going to bed instead.


2 thoughts on “Ms Bright Smiles Moons

  1. Grammapat says:

    Sounds like you’re winning Jen!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just finished reading a book that sounds like Jen’s life. Cheap Kindle book, January’s Killing Me. Every page sounded like Jen. LOL

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