Today wasn’t completely terrible.

But it was nowhere near as wonderful as it should have been.

I got most of my angst out earlier this evening – stomping my feet, slapping at the walls and smooshing my face with my hands until my eyes bugged out to emphasize key points while relating the days myriad overdoses of sucktacular suckiness to the Nerd. I also may have yelled and at one point specifically remember banging my head against the wall. On purpose.

Somewhat mollified by the brain damage, I prepared for a late evening conference call – arranging computers and documents around me with a serene calm that timorously masked the ocean of aggravation that seethed just beneath the surface.

And then I asked him about his day.

“Well…” -excessive amounts of grinning- “I enjoyed my day off – I slept until 3 and played video games all afternoon.”

If anyone has ever seen the exorcist, there’s this one part where the possessed girl slowly rotates her head all the way around with a frighteningly demonic KillDeathHorror look on her face and fixes this bone-chilling stare on the Priest. For ten points, guess why this is relevant.

He thought quickly, then added: “I did go out for coffee and paid for a large but instead they served me a medium…”

“You should go now.”

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3 thoughts on “Self-restraint

  1. Grammapat says:

    I missed The Exorcist (on purpose).

  2. Zeldon says:

    That looks uncannily like Melissa when she was 14!

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