Things that are Perfect

While on vacation several weeks ago, I was brushing my teeth and doing other unattractive but necessary things in the bathroom when I heard a distinctive fiddle and drum beat emanating from the other room. Only those that are obsessed would have been able to recognize the tune at this early stage. I, am obsessed.

As the music was loud, but not quite loud enough, I burst into the living area, leaned on the remote’s “volume” button and danced around the room like a drunken sorority girl, gripping my toothbrush with one hand and holding my robe closed with the other so as not to alarm and offend.


Because Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s “Come on Eileen” is a perfect, perfect thing. I would pay large sums to see a reunion tour where they played that one song over and over again. I would pay large sums to see them perform that one song, once. It’s that good.

It’s so good, that the remake by Save Ferris is just as enjoyable. I don’t like one any more than the other. Although, the Save Ferris version is more Karaoke-friendly*. They both have their charm and they both mesmerize and detract from my ability to function while they’re playing. If alien invadors were to threaten to take over the planet and I alone could stop them, playing this song would be enough to thwart my ability to rescue earth and all of it’s inhabitants.

*Word. From experience.


3 thoughts on “Things that are Perfect

  1. Kate! says:

    You are amazing. Full stop.

    Also, that cheese bin is amazing – my overstuffed cheese drawer full of half inch hunks of cheese agrees.

  2. Grammapat says:

    No Whole Foods in Seoul YET. But Costco has a pretty cool selection of global cheeses for the discriminating. They also sell 2 pound bricks of sharp cheddar (my fav) for about $9 — way less than in the US.

  3. Zeldon says:

    Just about any song by Stevie Ray Vaughn and Michael Jackson’s Thriller will typically stop me in my tracks, the volume is turned up and the “pointing finger dance” starts while driving. But I’ve also been known to pump up the volume and go into “conducting” mode with majestic arm waves upon hearing certain classical pieces. My “perfect” changes from day to day but cupcakes, esp. coconut frosted cupcakes can cause a happy dance on the yukkiest days. Cheese is in the top 10, but cupcakes are probably #1 with a good dill pickle pretty high on the list too.

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