Lessons in Obsession

“How do you manage to lose your keys so often?”

That seemed kind of mean, so I ignored it. Was too busy looking for my keys.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be so accusatory. How does one manage to lose one’s keys so often?”

“It’s a gift.” I had just finished searching my purse/scouring any areas that I’d inhabited/touched/looked at and was meditating in the middle of the hallway when my very tall, able to see shiny objects from great heights, friend dipped his arm into the mess I’d made by pouring the contents of my purse onto the table and brought it up again to dangle my wad of keys in front of my face.

“Are these they?” It almost hurt.

But on the flip-side, this gave me the freedom to flee his presence and embark upon a great quest. An odyssey, even.

Obsession will get you everywhere. If you’re singularly relentless to the exclusion of all other pursuits, you will eventually get what you want.


After weeks of sifting through every home improvement/nursury/grocery store in a ten mile radius, I finally found a store with one scraggly pathetic little rosemary tree left. The SKU number was missing, so it took them about a half hour to ring it up, I’m all out of gas, but I finally have a rosemary tree to cannibalize throughout the remainder of the holiday season.


One thought on “Lessons in Obsession

  1. Grammapat says:

    Rosemary chicken. Yum!

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