Fu Pan

Today has been rough. There isn’t a window high enough with sharp enough glass poised above a yawning precipice deep enough to hurl myself at, etc etc.

While sitting at my desk with my head in my hands, wallowing in doubt concerning every choice I’ve ever made and the current direction of my liiiife, I was interrupted by an unexpected inter-office ping from a guy who’s decided to be my mentor, whether I like it or not. Here is what he had to say:

”   3 brothers in China named Bu, Chu, and Fu wanted to come to America illegally. They decided to change their names to sound more American.

Bu changed his name to Buck. Chu changed his name to Chuck. Fu got sent back to China. “

In life, as with comedy, timing is basically everything. We went on to talk about normal stuff. Like debating the merits of higher education, approaching various members of management for informational interviews and updating LinkedIn profiles. All of which require a modicum of self-confidence. Confidence which is seriously flagging.

“I know, I can tell. You can either crash and burn, or get ahead of it, Jen.”

 He then promised to listen to any whining that I wanted to do after I told him of some concrete steps that had been taken towards my career goals.

So, I guess I’ll get over it…Not sure where this guy came from, but he should wear a permanent halo. Humbly clambering out of abysmal hole of self-pity. Finishing my current assignment, tear-free. Clinging to self-confidence and poise because I’m smart enough, I’m pretty enough and, gosh darn it, this dude’ll get me.


6 thoughts on “Fu Pan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Here’s to unexpected angels.

  2. Zeldon says:

    Your new mentor is right. Enough already of the repetitive “crash and burn” + “woe is me” whining. Much of the world is already living that out on a daily basis. Time to get ahead of it because it doesn’t suit you well and probably plays a part in being STUCK in a rut. Love your typical humor and crazy slant on everyday happenings – that brightens my day. Bring it back!

    • Jen says:

      Ha, never fear – my next post will be all about the careful selection of the perfect shower curtain. I’m anticipating being able to wring at least 6 paragraphs out of this theme.

  3. People are always telling you to pull yourself together when what is wrong with you is that you can’t pull yourself together. No advice is the best advice. Sympathy helps though.
    I like your humour.

  4. Zeldon says:

    She CAN pull herself together and stay pulled together rather than letting mere human circumstances or other lesser mortals define her day. No doubt the shower curtain story will be proof in the pudding.

    “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Shakespeare

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