A Retracted Retraction

Yesterday’s shenanigans are re-posted and will remain up for all of eternity.

Stories revolving around a similar theme continue to fester and multiply like sea monkeys in warm water. I am amazed. And when I am not busy being amazed, I am appalled.

I’m also not sorry anymore. Yesterday was a cake-walk compared to today. This woman’s boundless energy for vulturing over the cauldron and stirring the pot should be bottled and sold to bleary-eyed truckers.

“Having a bad day?” Asked a friend from benefits when she caught me storming into the bathroom a third time to cry and gnaw on my fist.

“Yes. I’m a complete baby and came in here to grow up for a minute.” (Hiccup, snort and sob).

She was also having a bad day. Someone had stolen her car keys so now she has to change the locks on her house, car and coordinate with her fiance on getting places until they can stop hiding the car in the garage.

Hm, yep. That’s annoying. She’s a total amateur, but you can’t tell that to people in the throes of a bad day. It’s a sliding scale.

“Tomorrow’s Friday the 13th!” She giggled as I threw my shoulders back and opened the door to leave. “Maybe we’re getting it all out of the way today!”

Mmmmaybe, but I remain skeptical.

“You have a very young energy, or something.” Said a friend earlier tonight, trying to back-paddle after expressing shock at learning that I was older than 4 and actually legally permitted to operate an automobile. And was also old enough to drink the awesomely generous portion of wine that had just been placed in front of me.

“Not for long, the life-force is getting sssssssucked right out of me.” I found a gray hair this morning. Growing out of my FACE. Even my body doth protest.

“Yeah, but you can smile about it, so that’s something, right?”

“I have a sick sense of humor.”


13 thoughts on “A Retracted Retraction

  1. Grammapat says:

    Just remember, Jen. It helps pay the rent and keep your doggies well-fed.

    • Jen says:

      Nook eats grass half the time and Ludo pooped out another sock this morning – feel like I could get a tent and be ok!

  2. Zeldon says:

    what are sea monkeys? and why do they multiply in warm weather?

  3. Christian says:

    Lots of hugs, sorry this is a shit time Jenn – dreading going back to work myself 😦

  4. Anonymous says:

    Go work on a farm and muck stables. Do something you love for a change. Yes, buy a tent. Lots of folks live in tents just fine.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I remember working with someone who (evidently) needed to yell at me over the phone. A LOT and OFTEN. It took me a while to realize this woman had a screw loose and it was destroying her good parts. I suspect she thought I wanted her job. I didn’t. I also now suspect that she had severe hormone imbalance issues. A challenge to be sure.

    You are a clever girl. Fix stuff for her without incriminating yourself. Do not tell her how you fixed it. Dummy up sometimes. And when she can’t find the building… send a google earth picture for her. In other words… play the game BETTER and WIN. Have fun.
    I eventually did.

    • Jen says:

      She fired me this morning and then took it back and gave me heaps of work. Still hoping today can be my last day – negotiating with the powers that be above her…

      • Anonymous says:

        When working with absolute nut cases, it’s best to compartmentalize so things don’t run together. That way you can respond appropriately and professionally. She may be only 3% nuts, but it seems like 99% because it’s so abusive and personal.

        I hope you are documenting the dates/time/incidents… without personal comments. It protects you as long as you don’t attack. You do get some interesting bosses… why??? remember the one who was addicted to Fabreze?

        Go work on the Ellen show.

  6. Christian says:

    Really, she did?

  7. Jen says:

    I forgot about the Febreeze lady! She was also weird. Nice, just a little stinky-poo.

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