Day in the Life

On Tuesday I treated my sister and her kids to Dunkin Donuts. We gorged, annoyed the other patrons, waited years for Joey to eat his donut holes and came back home to this:

For about two minutes, I was too blinded by the amount of dirt that Ludo had reclaimed from the earth and bedecked himself with to notice the obvious: Nanook wasn’t with him. He wasn’t under the bushes, he wasn’t behind the shed… “You know why we probably don’t see him?” I asked my sister as we both stood on the back patio with our hands on our hips in bemused disbelief, “because somehow, he isn’t back here…”

My sister has an enormous back yard full of wonders. There’s a kiddy pool to get muddy in, bushes to hide under, places to dig holes, trees to mark, neighbor dogs to bark at – it’s a doggy’s delight. But Nanook yearned for larger pastures and had somehow found the one loose board in her fence and squished himself through it and into the wide world beyond.

Melis threw the kids in her car and drove off in one direction, all three of them screaming for Nanook through their respective car windows, while I drove off in the other. There’s an overgrown ravine with a creek in it behind her house that cuts through back yards, vacant lots, an apartment complex and beyond to a very busy road. While stopped next to it to figure out how to best get to the apartment complex, Ludo streaked past me, having also broken out of the fence. Yes, I should have brought him inside but please look at the picture again. He was a hot mess and is generally also respectful of a fence. Being a good boy, he hopped right into the car when I opened up the door for him, stomped a circle on my coat and hunkered down for a joy ride.

Off we went. If I were a retarded dog, the first place I’d go to would be that apartment complex, which was surprisingly difficult to get to. You had to go out to the main road, drive down it a bit, turn and then turn again, all while having the complex maddeningly in sight, just unreachable. Double parked, marched out behind the buildings to the ravine, looked to the left and watched Nanook waddle around the bend. Upon seeing me, his eyes got goggly and he started to run towards me towards me towards me PAST me, because it’s super fun to make humans scream.

I eventually dive-bombed him and we all went home. I’d gone to Melissa’s to do her a favor – watch the kids while she did a filming job. Yay, being helpful! Fortunately, the morning’s adventures didn’t manage to make her late. The dogs got to chill out in the crate for the rest of the day, Melissa went off to her job and I left with the kids.

Around lunch-time, Joey said he was going to tell Mom about all the fun stuff we were doing but by the end of the day he was incapable of functioning. It was a pretty good day.


















7 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. Zeldon says:

    I was snorting with laughter but that last photo brought a big guffaw! Everyone in the office came running to see what could possible make me laugh that hard.

    You plumb wore them both out. Well done Aunt Jen!

    • Jen says:

      That last picture was pretty amazing. He stayed that way for about 30 minutes and as tempting as it was to slam on the brakes, I couldn’t bring myself to mess with a kid that pooped!

      • Grammapat says:

        Another great dog story. Being an auntie is SO fun. Yes, best to let sleeping boys lie. Joey looks perfectly comfortable to me, considering he’s a kid.

  2. Lori Romano says:

    So glad the day wasn’t ruined by the missing and muddied dogs! Looks like you had so much fun. Love the shots of the kiddos passed out in the back! That is definitely evidence of a day well-spent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jen, Your life reminds me of Stephanie Plum of the Janet Evanovich fiction series. If you haven’t read the books, see the first movie. (Her perfect job turned out to be BOUNTY HUNTER… you could do this!

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