Immaturity r Us

It’s so much fun to rocket out of bed in the morning and look forward to bouncing into the office everyday. “Rocket” may be a strong term, but I’m not hitting snooze until the 11th hour or grinding my teeth in my sleep anymore. I’m really enjoying this new contract.

Several weeks ago, my old boss requested that I be drop-kicked from the building. She was, as I think I’ve mentioned, where the buck stopped in HR. Her word should have been gold. Instead, I had a nice paid 2 week vacation and was brought back into the fold in a new role. A better role. An AWESOME role, working with a team of people who are normal.

This alone makes me happy. What throws me over the moon is knowing that I’m a skipping, giggling monument to my old boss that everyone thinks she’s deranged.

As soon as I went “green” on internal IM, my computer exploded. And I quote:

-you should go up to her office and give her a huge tub of hair conditioner! you can do anything you want now! do it for us! think of the humanity!

-all that woman does is throw one person after another in front of a train, I can’t believe you SURVIVED! It’s AWESOME!

-You know it wasn’t you, right?

-She doesn’t get an assistant anymore. They’re going to continue to “assess her needs” until she retires LOL

A better person would be above relishing this. I am not a better person and am loving the HELL out of it!

Of course with great pleasure, comes great pain. Eventually I was going to run into this woman. On my very first day, I’d pranced over to my old aisle to say hello to everyone and do a touchdown dance on top of the file cabinets when I noticed that She Who Shall Not Be Named’s (SWSNBN) door was open. So I turned around and ran instead. That same day, a friend of mine came and warned me that SWSNBN was lurking around on our floor and did I want to come hide in an office with a lock on it?

Trouble in paradise.

Yesterday, while returning from a lunch break that I was actually able to take, the inevitable happened. The lobby was deserted except for one head of unmistakable Diana Ross hair clearly visible through the glare of glass. SWSNBN leaned on the elevator button as I approached and refused to look up. Even as I gave her a chirpy “hello” and “how are you!”.

“Fine, thanks Jen.”

I’m fine, too. But she didn’t need to ask. I’m sure it was obvious.


4 thoughts on “Immaturity r Us

  1. Anonymous says:

    VINDICATED… tastes soooo good.

    Watch yer step. Pride goeth before the ….

    We love you HeyHer.

    • Jen says:

      Ha, I know I know. I’m over it, too busy with my new role to spend much time doing the moonwalk back and forth in front of her office door 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    AWESOME JEN! hahahahahahahhha!

  3. Zeldon says:

    Those of us who watched the train wreck of that last contract unfold will moonwalk for you. It was a “David and Goliath” Super Bowl and you were the underdog that won. Yea for the little people everywhere who take the high road and stick to their values in the face of great adversity – worth it every time!

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