Bridging the Gulf

Nanook is lording over all of the toys right now. All of the toys worth having, anyway. The stuffed porcupine is under his elbow, a paw is draped casually over a bone and he’s resting his greedy little chin on the red chew toy. Ludo, while no doubt as impressed as I with the totality of Nanook’s reign, is quietly losing his mind.

Just after 7 and it’s pretty dark out. But not quite dark enough. I read an interesting article the other day about how humans probably used to have a very different sleep pattern than we try to enjoy today. As it was difficult to be productive after the sun went down, people would go to sleep for several hours, wake up for two or three hours and accomplish all kinds from the academic to the…familial, and then go back to sleep. This waking period was also used to surreptitiously accomplish somewhat shadier activities. So I might take a nap.

My neighborhood has and enforces a number of rules that I don’t appreciate.

-“no bringing more than 2 non-resident people into the pool area”

-“no using the dogpark when it’s dark out” (I freely admit that I’d love the mess out of this rule if I lived near it)

-“no throwing furniture into the trash area”

Ignore, ignore and ignore.

Last time I ignored the last rule, they caught me and it was most inconvenient. This time, I will wait for the cover of darkness. On a Sunday, when staff supposedly leaves at 1pm. Some of them could live here actually, which I only just thought of, hm…

Well, whatever – these chairs have got to go. Several months ago, I saved two cool looking mid-century chairs from an unknown fate. Both are in fairly good structural condition, both need to be reupholstered badly, both smell a little bit and both have been doing nothing but collecting dog hair since I brought them inside.

There is a very wide gulf between my intentions and my output. It sometimes takes me awhile, but I do eventually bridge this gap with – I was going to say common sense, but that’s not quite accurate: maybe it’s better to say an alternate course of action. Rather than spend money that I don’t have on fabric that I haven’t been able to find and use reupholstering equipment that I don’t possess during free time that I generally squander on less constructive activities to bring these chairs back to life, I’m going to put them in the trash area vestibule and hope that someone else takes them.

Unless I get caught. Not sure what I’ll do then.


4 thoughts on “Bridging the Gulf

  1. Grammapat says:

    Those chairs would rather be on Craig’s list than in the trash Jen. Somone “out there” is just waiting and hoping for them so they can use up the bolt of upholstery material stashed in their closet and make good on the “How to upholster” book that’s been gathering dust on their bookshelf for the past three years.

    Incidentally, the sleep pattern you described is EXACTLY the one I follow, with a great deal of flexibility. Late Sunday afternoon I snooze until about 7 p.m. so I can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when the online church service starts at midnight Korean time. When it ends at 1 a.m., I may spend another hour or two writing emails and doing other good stuff until the eyelids get heavy. Then I jump back into my cozy bed and drift off until just before 9 a.m. when Mrs. Han comes upstairs with my weekly loaf of freshly baked bread, two hard-boiled eggs and fruit.

    Time for a leisurely late breakfast. Generally, I make fresh egg salad to smather on some of the fresh bread; and eat another slice buttered and strawberry-jammed. After a quick wash-up, I wash a few pieces of hand laundry. Then it’s back to work at my desk until late afternoon when it’s time for another snoozebreak before taking supper with the Hans at 8 p.m. Then I’m good for three or four hours of solid output.

    So I get the best of early and late times, both snoozing and working.

    I realize it’s a little different for you b/c of raising two dogs and also having to go out for work instead of being home-officed. But whatever you can fit in, go for it! 🙂

    • Jen says:

      These poor chairs have been on “free craigslist” off & on for MONTHS – but putting stuff by the vestibule is also recycling. People drop stuff off & pick stuff up there all the time. Not too worried about them.

      Mrs. Han sounds like a wonderful, wonderful woman!

  2. Zeldon says:

    Need a photo of Lord Nooks with his toy minions all lined up! And a photo of Little Ludo’s sad eyes.

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