Whitewashing the Grey

I found a gray hair this morning. After plucking it out of my skull with extreme prejudice, I somberly paraded it out to the black glass range-top, against which I could better examine this reminder that I’m no longer 10 years old. It had very fine texture. The kind of texture that holds a curl until loosed from the curling iron, after which it falls drab and flat. So I’m basically going to be bald. Because I will continue to pluck those suckers out one at a time.

There seems to be no logical alternative as my hair-stylist is now retired. The one I just found after three traumatic years of being experimented upon by mental patients with epilepsy. Could just shave it all off right now and be done with it except that it’s cold outside today. Maybe when summer hits in earnest.


11 thoughts on “Whitewashing the Grey

  1. Anonymous says:

    Geez Jen! Just 1 grey hair! I’ve been pulling those bad boys out of my head for almost a decade already! !! lol

  2. Melissa says:

    haha! Jen, I’ve been pulling these out of my head for about a decade already!!! How is it that you just found your first!!!!

  3. Grammapat says:

    LOL. I remember my first gray hair too. But in 50 years, you’ll be glad to have every one of them! Now that I’m in Korea year-round, I’ve had to leave behind my hairdresser for the past 12 years. Determined NOT to be experimented on by any more newbies, I procrastinated for nearly six months while I considered alternatives, during which time my hair grew longer and longer to the point of YIKES.

    I finally decided to trust Young-Hee’s (my Korean host) beautician, so last week she and I got permed together. Since I don’t speak Korean and the beautician doesn’t speak English, it helped that Young Hee could chat with the beauty lady while I finished a book on my Kindle. Instead of setting it after the perm (as my previous stylist always did), she just let it air dry. Good for me, it got me out of the chair an hour sooner, and I happily rolled it myself after I got home. That was a plus too b/c I didn’t have to rearrange someone else’s concept of what I should look like. Plus the beauty lady threw in a light lunch as she worked between the two of us — all for less than $30 (compared to my US $90). Bottom line: it looks like I’ve struck paydirt. Hope you do too, Jen.

    I celebrated on facebook — New perm, new woman. Yay!

  4. ssonke says:

    Sorry, I don’t know anything about gray hair. Mine is natural blond without a gray hair anywhere in sight.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ummm, ya know those ladies with no hair on top…. it gets that way from plucking… sometimes the follicle gets destroyed and then no more hair grows// gray, white or otherwise. Suggest color instead.

  6. ssonke says:

    Hair color:
    Red is good for Christmas
    Green for around St. Patty’s Day
    Pink – the only color to consider for around Easter
    Blue is perfect for 4th of July
    Yellow – summer at the beach
    Purple – Matches Fall foliage
    Orange – Gotta go with this for Thanksgiving

    Then do it all over again. Nary a gray hair the whole year!

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