Value Prop

Ticket to Chengdu, China – lots

paying a cab to escort you around and wait for you in between excursions – 400 rmb

ticket into the Panda preserve at Chengdu – 10 rmb

getting to hold a cute cuddly panda cub from cutesville – 1300 rmb

getting pee’d upon by said panda while wearing one’s only pair of jeans three hours prior to boarding a marathon flight back to the states – crippling

handing said jeans off to the good folks at the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton in San Fran and telling them to handle with tongs:


 Uhmmm, oh yeah and I love my job.


2 thoughts on “Value Prop

  1. Anonymous says:

    WOWOWOW – You got there after all and held a panda! That photo looks unreal – too perfect. Panda bears a resemblance to Nookers who would no doubt enjoy a long exotic sniff of it, Ludo too. Those jeans will always be special, especially to your boyz at home. Going from Cat4 to loving a job in the space of a few weeks is proof of a higher power in my book. Hugging a real panda is just frosting on the cake.

  2. LindaBear says:

    in true Jen style. Love ya girl!

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